Harold Finge is the main character.

Harolds Physical points

Age 6 through 18

Hair: Brown

Height: Slightly shorter then peers.

Eyes: Brown

Fasion: Plain


-Harold is a cynical yet polite child and young adult.

-His thoughts are usually of the negitive finding disgust in everyday normalicy.

-He will never vocalize his dislikes.

-In "official" settings he allows others to be his voice while presenting unbias expressions.

-He listens to gists of what people say to him and detail of others ideas are meaningless.

-He has no genuine care in what happens to him or the directin of his life.

-He self teaches but others are blind to his knowledge, most fond reasearch topics include, math, science , and human psycholigie around the idea of suicide.

-He's interested in "why's" not "What's"

-Quiet, dislikes speaking to people

-Feeling of insignifigance yet supioriority complex

-Feels as the human pop. is the same as other animals

-Often finds himself exagerating faults



Harold is always babied by his mother throughout his life but accepts it as a role she is supposed to take.

He steers himself away from negitive thoughts towards or about his mother.

Allows his mother to talk for him in "official" settings and advocate freely.

Doesn't necisarily give her permission to make important decisions but allows decisions to be made without question.


Harold barely knows his father due to strenous work habbits.

Harold often infers what his father would say about situations in his mind , normally penilising himself through his fathers voice.

His Father whenever he is around usually critisizes harold in harsh ways.

Harolds usually portrays the "tail between the legs" expression in his fathers pressence.

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